Hello wonderful Toastmasters!

Happy New Year!

One thing we have all in common: if you are a Toastmaster, on the top of your resolution list for 2020 is personal development, sharpening of presentation skills and opportunity to help people as any leader would do.

If you do not keep up with your resolutions each year, there is an old good recipe that could help you do it this time. Cut your goal into small pieces, write them down and make sure you take one step at a time; one task at a time and you will have reached your goal before you know it.

But no resolution, easy or difficult, would be accomplished without a strong why.

In our Chania Conference D109 team, our biggest why is not only the usual privilege of enjoying the benefits of a Toastmasters event. Our strong why is having fun while learning. And it is so strong, we want to pass the message and make sure people will have fun at one of the most beautiful islands in the world while absorbing the benefits of a Toastmasters conference. And now you can have fun at a better price.

So will you help us spread the message of the early bird?
It will still be running up to the 31st of January.