Club Coach is vital in helping a Toastmasters club overcome any membership challenges and transform its environment into a thriving and dynamic one. They bring their extensive experience and knowledge to the table to guide the club toward achieving recognition in the Distinguished Club Program. This program is a prestigious recognition system that awards clubs for their achievements in education, membership, and leadership. By working closely with the club, a coach can help them meet the criteria required for the program, which ultimately leads to a more prosperous and fulfilling club experience for all members by:

  • Building rapport with club leaders and members
  • Instilling enthusiasm, friendship, and structure within the club
  • Assessing the club environment and recommending best practices for success
  • Working with club leaders to develop a Club Success Plan
  • Encouraging the club to strive for Distinguished Club Program recognition

To be eligible for an appointment, you must:

  1. Be a paid member in good standing with Toastmasters International.
  2. Not be an existing member of the club at the time of appointment.


Becoming a Club Coach is a great opportunity to grow personally as an influencer, coach, and mentor. You will receive a pin to wear during club meetings and access to helpful resources to assist you in fulfilling your responsibilities.

If you successfully coach the club to achieve recognition in the Distinguished Club Program. You will receive credit in the education program and be awarded a certificate of accomplishment.

Note: Credit is not received until after year-end results are final.

For more information on becoming or getting a Club Coach, contact the Club Growth Director.

More information at Club Coach Program Webpage


Where to find the Program:

Go into the ‘Tutorials and Resources section.’

On the left box, click on the program.