District Leaders 

District Board 2023-2024 (or Core Team)

The following leaders were elected by District 109 Toastmasters members at the Virtual Spring District Conference in May 2022.

The executive committee will be active from 1st July 2023 until 30th June 2024.

Margherita Brodbeck Roth, DTM
Margherita Brodbeck Roth, DTMDistrict Director D109

Margherita holds an MSc UZH in geography, political sciences and history and an MBA. She works as a data quality program manager and is fluent in five languages. A Toastmaster since 2016, she has served as Area Director, Club President, VPE, VPM, VPPr, Secretary and SAA, and as a mentor and trainer. She loves travelling around the world virtually and, time permitting, in person to experience the many vibrant and diverse Toastmasters communities.

Elena Grammenou
Elena GrammenouProgram Quality Director

Elena Grammenou is a strategy & marketing consultant with strong experience across marketing, communications, strategy, project management, property management and audit. She is an Economist and holds a Postgraduate Degree in Marketing, an MBA and an MSc in Banking. She has served in NGO’s more than 25 years and loves to contribute her time and skills to good causes. She loves hiking/trekking in nature and meeting people and experiencing new cultures. ​She is a proud Toastmaster, enjoys every moment of it and promotes Toastmasters, at any chance.

Francesca Gammicchia, DTM
Francesca Gammicchia, DTMClub Growth Director D109

Francesca Gammicchia, DTM has been a dedicated Toastmaster for nearly a decade. She has served the organization as Division Director, Area Director and all the Club roles, multiple times. She has lived in Germany for 10 years and has a family spread between Romania and Italy. She knows the importance of diversity and inclusion in personal growth. She has received tremendous support, training, & inspiration from this community, and she believes she can give back this support, training, and love to help our district become a lighthouse for clubs in the stormy sea.

Tarek Desir
Tarek DesirPublic Relations Manager D109

Bill Vardas
Bill VardasFinance Manager D109

Bill Vardas have been a Toastmaster since 2016, and has enjoyed every single minute of his Toastmaster experience!

He has held the positions of Club President and Area Director. Additional Toastmasters experiences include co-chairing the International President’s Virtual Visit to Greece in 2021, and has chaired speech contests many times at the Division and Area levels. His experiences outside of Toastmasters include Secretary General of the Canadian Hellenic Congress 2008-09. He has drafted annual budgets, developed procedures, and implemented strategic plans for non-profit organizations.

He enjoys music, movies, public speaking, current affairs, yoga, and traveling.

Administration Manager
Burcu Ünal Erdoğan is from Istanbul, Türkiye. She is mother of a teenage boy, and has a dog. She loves running and participating in charity runs, supporting several NGOs. Professionally, she has worked for Shell since 2003 and currently is Finance Manager. She studied Economics & Human Resources Management. She joined Toastmasters in 2019, as Treasurer of My Shell Turkey Toastmasters. Since then, she has served as President of My Shell, Area Director of H3 and now as Administration Manager for 2023-2024. Besides her native language Turkish, she speaks English and German.
Turan Tanin
Turan TaninImmediate Past District Director D109

Turan has been a Toastmaster since 2017, covering roles of Club President, Division Project Manager, Area Director, Division Director, Club Growth Director and is currently the District Director for District 109 for 2022/2023. He is an engineer by training and a public speaking enthusiast by passion. In Toastmasters he discovered a wonderful world of diverse people who come together because they want to improve themselves and the world we live in.

Additional District Roles:

The task of aligning the clubs, Areas, and Divisions within the District is the responsibility of the District Alignment Committee. The District Alignment Committee is a group of District members appointed by the District Director and led by the alignment chair. The alignment chair ensures the committee prepares an alignment proposal and submits it to the District Executive Committee prior to the District Council meeting.

Alignment Chair 2023-24

Division A

First NameLast NamePositionAreaEmail
Cristina FrancoliniDivision DirectorDivision Adivd.a@district109.org
Chiara RuggeriArea DirectorArea A1ad.a1@district109.org
Darine AboulezzArea DirectorArea A2ad.a2@district109.org
JosephGaleaArea DirectorArea A3ad.a3@district109.org
MarcoAmbrogioArea DirectorArea A4ad.a4@district109.org
DavidCrosbyArea DirectorArea A5ad.a5@district109.org
LauraFilippiArea DirectorArea A6ad.a6@district109.org

Division C

First NameLast NamePositionAreaEmail
GodelaBittcherDivision DirectorDivision Cdivd.c@district109.org
ChristineHueberArea DirectorArea C1ad.c1@district109.org
Sydne SacconeArea DirectorArea C2ad.c2@district109.org
Iulia DraganArea DirectorArea C3ad.c3@district109.org

Division D

First NameLast NamePositionAreaEmail
NigelThewDivision DirectorDivision Ddivd.d@district109.org
PietroFerrarioArea DirectorArea D1ad.d1@district109.org
DamienGautierArea DirectorArea D2ad.d2@district109.org
Nestor BartolomeiArea DirectorArea D3ad.d3@district109.org

Division E

First NameLast NamePositionAreaEmail
Christoph AublingerDivision DirectorDivision Edivd.e@district109.org
AlineSchilligArea DirectorArea E1ad.e1@district109.org
Allison TurnerArea DirectorArea E2ad.e2@district109.org
Christian EggenbergerArea DirectorArea E3ad.e3@district109.org
Santhiago Alves VieiraArea DirectorArea E4ad.e4@district109.org
HarryLootsArea DirectorArea E5ad.e5@district109.org

Division F

First NameLast NamePositionAreaEmail
SylvicleyFigueira da SilvaDivision DirectorDivision Fdivd.f@district109.org
Petra SalmutterArea DirectorArea F1ad.f1@district109.org
MonikaGradlArea DirectorArea F2ad.f2@district109.org
MatejaLumpertArea DirectorArea F3ad.f3@district109.org

Division G

First NameLast NamePositionAreaEmail
Panagiotis KaranikasDivision DirectorDivision Gdivd.g@district109.org
Anastasia SalichouArea DirectorArea G1ad.g1@district109.org
VasilikiXyfteriArea DirectorArea G2ad.g2@district109.org
Evangelia Papadopoulou DiamantopoulouArea DirectorArea G3ad.g3@district109.org
YafitGabaiArea DirectorArea G4ad.g4@district109.org

Division H

First NameLast NamePositionAreaEmail
Deniz Senelt KaleliogluDivision DirectorDivision Hdivd.h@district109.org
Banu Sara AkkaşArea DirectorArea H1ad.h1@district109.org
NurbanuŞahanArea DirectorArea H2ad.h2@district109.org
NeslihanÖzerArea DirectorArea H3ad.h3@district109.org