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Distinguished Toastmaster

The Distinguished Toastmaster award is the highest our organization bestows. The DTM recognizes a superior level of achievement in both communication and leadership.
Congratulations to the outstanding members who earned DTM awards.

Distinguished Toastmasters in District 109 (Last update in July 2017):

Date Member Club Name Location
01/07/03 Skinner, Roy E. TM International Club Zug Zug
01/08/04 Ziegler, Leopold A. Vienna Vienna
29/09/09 Selby, Philip International Geneva Geneva
23/02/10 Viramo, Niko Jan Vienna Speakers Vienna
12/04/10 Dave, Girish Rhetorik Klub Basel Basel
19/05/10 Rouse, John Utrecht Utrecht
29/06/10 Sollberger, Christian Mosquito Hill Zurich
13/07/10 Kr¸ger, Kai Gabriele Munich Business Speakers Munich
06/10/10 Schwerer, Otto V.I.C. Vienna
18/05/12 Wasitova, Silvana EPFL Lausanne
08/04/14 Koetzsch, Thomas Walk The Talk – Zurich Advanced Zurich
03/09/14 Fedele, Francesco Toastmasters Roma Roma
26/11/14 Lopes, Tulia Araujo Walk The Talk – Zurich Advanced Zurich
16/01/15 Cristofori, Armando Nerang Toastmasters Gold Coast (currently in Florence)
12/02/15 Van de Cauter, Sandra MRTM Toastmasters of Basel Basel
26/02/15 Vincent, Jack TM International Club Zug Zug
04/02/16 Markl, Erika Rhetorik Klub Basel Basel
24/03/16 Kritsidima, Metaxia Piraeus Piraeus
25/03/16 Hoti, Laura Milan-Easy Milano
27/04/16 Schey, Carina EPFL/UNIL Lausanne
30/07/16 Kristrom, Helene Lakeshore Speakers, Neuchatel Neuchatel
12/11/16 Kondilis, Barbara K. HAU Athens Athens
02/05/17 Arachovitis, Yiannis Hellenic Athens
27/06/17 Navrouzoglou, Maria Athens Advanced Athens
05/07/17 Andriopoulos, Nick Glossologoi Athens

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