Distinguished Toastmasters

At our organization, we take immense pride in acknowledging exemplary communication and leadership skills through the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award, the most prestigious honor we bestow. Our district members are an ambitious and dedicated group, with an average time of 8 years to achieve the DTM level. However, only about 2% of our members receive this distinguished award, making it a truly remarkable accomplishment. Our active DTMs are highly experienced and accomplished individuals, with an average membership of 12 years in Toastmasters.

To become a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) in Pathways, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

First, finish two learning paths.

Next, Serve as a club officer for 12 months and attend a district training program for club officers. If your club has six-month officer terms, you can serve twice, but not consecutively.

Third, be a district officer for a complete one-year term.

Fourth, successfully present as a mentor (for a new club) or coach.

Fifth, aid as a sponsor (for a new club) or conduct a Speechcraft or Youth Leadership program.

Finally, Complete the DTM project. Members must create and implement a project demonstrating the skills and knowledge they have gained.

Additionally, Congratulations to the outstanding members who earned DTM awards.

District 109 Distinguished Toastmasters (Last updated in June 2022):

DTM DateMemberClubLocation
2021-09-01Achliopta, MarianthiDionisos Greece Toastmasters ClubAthens, Greece
2021-09-01Bassanesi, MichelleToastmasters RomaRome, Italy
2021-09-01Kalac, LevendAnkara Business Toastmasters ClubAnkara, Turkey
2021-09-01Yuksel, PeymanAnkara Business Toastmasters ClubAnkara, Turkey
2021-09-01Bernstein, DanielJerusalem Toastmasters Jerusalem, Israel
2021-09-01Wielgosz, John Haifa Toastmasters Haifa, Israel
2021-09-01Kalelioglu, Senelt DenizAnkara Kolejliler Ankara, Turkey
2021-05-31Brodbeck Roth, MargheritaEloquenTIA ToastmastersZurich, Switzerland
2021-05-06Wini, Christina Ghera Kuper
International Geneva Toastmasters ClubGeneva, Switzerland

Kritsidima, Metaxia
Connected People Toastmasters
Nea Kifissia
Gammicchia, Francesca
Toastmasters Pisa
Pisa, Italy
2020-11-09Laczkovich, Isabel Ines
Rhetorikclub Toastmasters Salzburg
Salzburg, Austria
Mattenberger, Harald
Vienna Speakers Club
Vienna, Austria
2020-07-07Liaropoulou, Natalia
Hellenic Toastmasters Club
Athens, Greece
Neuhaus, Áine
Vienna Toastmasters Club
Vienna, Austria
2020-06-30O'Riordan, Robert
International Geneva Toastmasters Club
Geneva, Switzerland
2020-06-28Bastien-Remy, Cécile
TM International Club Zug Club
Zug, Switzerland
2020-06-28Casti, Maria Elena
The Xplorers Toastmasters
Milano, Italy
2020-06-23Germani, Roberto
Zoomarine Toastmasters
Torvaianica, Italy
2020-06-18Birch, Timothy
Zuriberg Toastmasters Club
Zurich, Switzerland
Westmacott, Keith
Lausanne International Club
Lausanne, Switzerland
2020-05-13Anton, Beatrice
Verbissimo, Switzerland
Mansencal, Patricia
Toastmasters Academy Rome
Rome, Italy
Collier Jespersen, Jacqueline
International Toastmasters Club of Nyon
Nyon, Switzerland
Corcoran, David
Vienna Toastmasters Club
Vienna, Austria
Bukowski, Mateusz
Credit Suisse Rhetoric Club Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland
Sheldrake, Keith R.
Toastmasters Torino
Torino, Italy
Sartori, Giada
UBS Rhetoric Club CH
Zurich, Switzerland
Rieder, Markus
Toastmasters Rhetorikclub Innsbruck
Innsbruck, Switzerland
Abdumalikova, Zukhra
Zurich Club
Zurich, Switzerland
Stephenson, Lesley Joan
Google Zurich Toastmasters
Zurich, Switzerland
Bertagnolio, Luca
Impact Toastmasters Lausanne
Lausanne, Switzerland
Iodice, Flavio Nicola
Toastmasters INAIL
Rome, Italy
Diamantopoulos, Dimitrios
Kifissia Toastmasters Club
Lykovrissi, Greece
Gomez, Manuel
Walk The Talk Zurich Toastmasters
Zurich, Switzerland
McKenna, Kevin L.
Impact Toastmasters Geneva
Geneva, Switzerland
Russo, Claudio
The Como Lakers
Como, Italy
2019-11-20Nikolaidis, IosifDionisos Greece Toastmasters ClubAthens, Greece
Karius, Roland
Club der lebenden Worte
Basel, Switzerland
Marques, Aires
International Geneva Toastmasters Club
Geneva, Switzerland
Navarro Lopez, Miguel Ruben
UN Geneva Toastmasters
Geneva, Switzerland
Buhler, Tina
Walk The Talk Zurich Toastmasters
Zurich, Switzerland
2019-06-11Geiger, AndreasUBS Rhetoric Club Zurich City
Zurich, Switzerland
2019-05-01Gios LorenzoThe Verona Toastmasters ClubVerona, Italy
2019-04-24Olivieri BarbaraMilan-Easy Toastmasters ClubMilano, Italy
2019-03-24Iser WernerRhetorik Club ZürichZurich, Switzerland
2019-03-02Aubin FranceVerbissimoGeneve, Switzerland
2019-02-21Muehle AlexToastmasters LuzernLuzern, Switzerland
2018-12-23Tavola LauraMilan-Easy Toastmasters ClubMilano, Italy
2018-11-28Crespi AnnalisaToastmasters MonzaMonza, Italy
2018-11-17Laubner UlrikeRhetorik Club WinterthurWinterthur, Switzerland
2018-11-06Burdet KatiaRadiant RhetoricTorino, Italy
2018-10-04Eggenberger ChristianRhetorik Club WinterthurWinterthur, Switzerland
2018-06-18Ronchi PaoloToastmasters MonzaMonza, Italy
2018-06-11Shaftacola LilianCrusaders ClubNicosia, Cyprus
2018-05-16Egglezou FotiniHellenic Toastmasters ClubAthens, Greece
2018-05-01Fossati EmiliaToastmasters INAILRoma, Italy
2018-04-26Kuentz-Carrasco Guerbatova NinaBasel International SpeakersBasel, Switzerland
2018-04-16Seppala MarkusBasel International SpeakersBasel, Switzerland
2018-03-22Schmidt MartinToastmasters Rhetorikklub NOEVienna, Austria
2018-02-25Anastasopoulou EveeKifissia Toastmasters ClubAthens, Greece
2017-10-26Turner AllisonZurich ClubZurich, Switzerland
2017-10-12Rigamonti FabioMilan-Easy Toastmasters ClubMilano, Italy
2017-08-30Piccolo CindyToastmasters of BaselBasel, Switzerland
2017-07-05Andriopoulos NickGlyfada Toastmasters ClubAthens, Greece
2017-06-27Navrouzoglou MariaAthens Toastmasters AcademyAthens, Greece
2017-05-02Arachovitis YannisHellenic Toastmasters ClubAthens, Greece
2016-11-12Kondilis BarbaraHAU Athens Toastmasters ClubAthens, Greece
2016-07-30Kristrom HeleneLakeshore Speakers, NeuchatelNeuchatel, Switzerland
2016-07-01Diamantopoulos DimitriosKifissia Toastmasters ClubAthens, Greece
2016-04-27Schey CarinaInternational Toastmasters Club of NyonNyon, Switzerland
2016-03-25Hoti LauraMilan-EasyMilano, Italy
2016-03-24Kritsidima MetaxiaGlyfada Toastmasters ClubAthens, Greece
2016-02-04Markl ErikaRhetorik Klub BaselBasel, Switzerland
2015-03-04Berejnaia OlgaRoBaToMaS - Roche Basel ToastmastersBasel, Switzerland
2015-02-26Vincent JackTM International Club ZugZurich, Switzerland
2015-02-12Van de Cauter SandraToastmasters of BaselBasel, Switzerland
2015-01-16Cristofori Armando (Andy)NerangQueensland, Austrialia
2014-11-26Lopes Tulia AraujoWalk The Talk – Zurich AdvancedZurich, Switzerland
2014-09-03Fedele FrancescoToastmasters RomaRoma, Italy
2014-05-28Horne CasparInternational Geneva Toastmasters ClubGeneve, Switzerland
2014-04-08Koetzsch ThomasRhetorik Club ZürichZurich, Switzerland
2014-01-07Ottaviani IvanNavigli District ToastmastersMilano, Italy
2012-05-18Wasitova SilvanaEPFLLausanne, Switzerland
2010-10-06Schwerer OttoV.I.C. Toastmasters ClubVienna, Austria
2010-06-29Sollberger ChristianToastmasters VillachVillach, Austria
2010-05-27Von Kaenel KarinTuricum ToastmastersZurich, Switzerland
2010-04-12Dave GirishRhetorik Klub BaselBasel, Switzerland
2010-02-23Viramo Niko JanVienna Toastmasters ClubVienna, Austria
2009-11-01Kuenkel MarkusTop Notch Toastmasters ZurichZurich, Switzerland
2009-09-29Selby PhilipInternational Geneva Toastmasters ClubGeneve, Switzerland
2009-02-09Aschenbrenner GuentherVienna Toastmasters ClubVienna, Austria
2007-11-13Skipwith ThomasRhetorik Club MutschellenZurich, Switzerland
2006-02-01Wasitova SilvanaICC ArtICCulatorsMilpitas, CA - United States
2004-08-01Ziegler Leopold AVienna Toastmasters ClubVienna, Austria
2003-07-01Skinner Roy E.TM International Club ZugZurich, Switzerland