Club Mentoring Program: Duties and Responsibilities of Club Mentors

– Build a personal rapport with the club members.

– Provide an overview of Toastmasters International’s history, organizational structure, and the relationship between the organization and its members.

– Explain the educational system, including Pathways and the traditional education program.

– Familiarize members with all educational programs and activities offered by Toastmasters, such as Speechcraft, Youth Leadership, Success/Communication, Success/Leadership programs, speech contests, Toastmasters Leadership Institute, etc.

– Work with club officers and explain their duties and responsibilities.

– Plan joint meetings with other clubs to show members how other clubs operate.

– Review TI’s online store with the club and explain how materials can benefit them.

– Explain Club Central and the resources available online at Toastmasters International and the District 109 website.

– Encourage club members to attend Area, Division, District, and International meetings.


➤ Keep your District Director and Club Growth Director informed of your progress.

➤ Help club members build positive habits (these are the kinds of behavior you want displayed long after you have left the group). Emphasize these positive habits:

– Attend meetings regularly.

– Deliver Pathways speeches.

– Prepare diligently for speeches and meeting roles.

– Learn the art of delivering excellent evaluations.

– Maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude. In TI’s most successful clubs, members gain strength from a shared commitment to a worthwhile goal, including self-improvement.

– Give special attention to guests and new members.

Remember: No position description can fully outline the total duties and responsibilities of the Club Mentor. Feel free to enlarge this list and contact other club mentors for their best practices. Being a club mentor allows you to develop your leadership skills further and practice them.

If you want to become a Club Mentor, please get in touch with the Club Growth Director.