NOMINATIONS FOR DISTRICT OFFICERS FOR 2020/2021 – District 109 proudly presents the nominations for District Officers for the TM year 2020/20221 as presented by the District Leadership Committee (DLC).

You can download a comprehensive summary here.

DLC Team RoleName
ChairFrancesco Fedele
For Division APatricia Mansencal
For Division BBarbara Kondilis
For Division CLaurie Phelan
For Division DAtena Hensch
For Division EPia Stevenazzo
For Division FAlexander Pearl

This report presents nominees for the elected District Leadership positions: District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Public Relations Manager, and Division Directors for each of the six Divisions.

The Area Directors are recommended directly by the respective Area Councils. This report presents this list by the DLC committee in a separate table as recommendations per position. The District Director-elect will appoint the Area Director in position.

Nominations for Elected positons

Names are in alphabetical order of surname, per elected position.

District DirectorToastmaster Gios Lorenzo
Toastmaster Kuentz Nina Maria
Program Quality DirectorToastmaster Shaftacola Lilian
Club Growth DirectorToastmaster Diamantopoulos Dimitrios
Toastmaster Fossati Emilia
Public Relations ManagerToastmaster Anton Beatrice
Toastmaster Shaftacola Lilian
Division Director for Division AToastmaster Gage Alessandra
Toastmaster Tanin Turan
Division Director for Division BToastmaster Liaropoulou Natalia
Toastmaster Shaftacola Lilian
Division Director for Division CToastmaster Dümpelmann Ralf
Division Director for Division DToastmaster Collier Jespersen Jacqueline
Division Director for Division EToastmaster Kaiser Frank
Division Director for Division FToastmaster Bruckmüller Andreas

For all candidates nominated for a position to elect, you will find their biography here:

You can also access the candidates corner in easy speak here, log in with a valid account:


Recommendations for the appointed wantof Area Directors

A1Toastmaster Salima El Yaalaoui
A2Toastmaster Claudio Russo
A3Toastmaster Michelle Bassanesi
A4Toastmaster Virginia Calabritto
A5Toastmaster Valentina Panizza
A6Toastmaster Alessandro Balboni
B1Toastmaster Nikos Flerianos
B2Toastmaster Bill Vardas
B3Toastmaster Richa Tandon
B4* not yet nominated
B5Toastmaster Hristo Stoev
C1* not yet nominated
C2* not yet nominated
C3Toastmaster Pierre Yves Schutz
D1Toastmaster Gilles Leveneur
D2Toastmaster Mario Plasencia
D3Toastmaster Helen Fatkulbayanova
D4Toastmaster Hulya Kurt
E1Toastmaster Frank Kaiser
E2Toastmaster Karina Castella
E3Toastmaster Sylvia Müller
E4Toastmaster Margherita Brodbeck Roth
E5Toastmaster Colmar Wocke
F1Toastmaster Heike Linamayer
F2* not yet nominated
F3Toastmaster Markus Riedl

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all District Leadership Committee members and chairs for their service to the District. They have carried out excellent performance for which we are all thankful.

District 109 Officers 2019-2020