District Councils

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The District Council (DC) includes:

  • District Director
  • Program Quality Director
  • Club Growth Director
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Administrative Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Immediate Past District Director (IPDD)
    • Area Directors
    • Division Directors
    • Club Presidents
    • Club Vice Presidents Education
Members of the district council serve as the District’s administrative governing body, operating with powers delegated to the district council by the Toastmasters International board. District’s business assumes responsibility for paying all debts incurred in the presentation of district council meetings and other District functions. The (DC) does not assess or impose any financial obligation on any club or member of a club.

District Alignment

Our District have geographic boundaries, established at the time of its formation. Should the District want to change its boundaries, any proposed changes must be approved by the District Councils and submitted to World Headquarters for the consideration of the Board of Directors.
Once each year, Districts must review and amend, if necessary, the alignment of the clubs, Areas, and Divisions within their boundaries. The result is subject to the approval of the District Council at its annual meeting between March 15 and June 1.
The task of aligning the clubs, Areas, and Divisions within the District is the responsibility of the District Alignment Committee. The District Alignment Committee is a group of District members appointed by the District Director and led by the alignment chair. The alignment chair ensures the committee prepares an alignment proposal and submits it to the District Executive Committee prior to the District Council meeting

District Council Meetings (DCM)

Two regular meetings are held to have a district council meeting each year. In District 109, one meeting is virtual. One more meeting is usually held before our Spring District Conferences, usually the day before. Notice of any regular meeting is sent to all district council members in advance. Please find the agenda and minutes from the previous meeting. Records are meticulously kept and shared with all.

Below you find the District Council agenda and meeting minutes of District 109


Kindly find below the District Council meeting minutes from the previous years of District 59.