Are you looking for ways to improve the management of your club, contest, or meeting? Look no further than the Best Practices Corner! Here, you can access approved knowledge that can help boost your success.

By adopting best practices, businesses can reap various benefits that can help them become more competitive, increase sales, and develop new markets. They can also reduce costs and become more efficient while improving the skills of their workforce and using technology more effectively. Moreover, implementing best practices can reduce waste, improve quality, and allow businesses to respond more quickly to innovations in their sector.

So why not give best practices a try? You might be surprised at how much they can enhance your operations!


Meeting Roles are an essential aspect of any successful meeting. By taking up a meeting role, you can be an active participant and contribute to the success of the meeting. Some famous meeting roles include Chairperson, Speaker, Timekeeper, and Note-taker. Each role requires different skills and responsibilities, which all help ensure the meeting runs smoothly.

If you want to convert prospective members into active members, refer to the Prospective Member Conversion Guide. This guide provides tips and strategies for engaging with potential members and converting them into active members of your organization. It’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to grow their membership base.

Mentors are crucial in helping new members feel welcome and integrated into the organization. By sharing their knowledge and experience, mentors can help new members navigate the organization’s culture and processes. In return, mentors also benefit from the relationships they build with mentees and the satisfaction of helping someone else succeed.

Finally, the Outstanding Member Award is a way to recognize and celebrate members who have made exceptional contributions to the organization. This award can be given to members who have gone above and beyond, demonstrated leadership and initiative, or contributed significantly to the organization’s success. It’s a great way to show appreciation for your members’ hard work and dedication.

Best Practices Corner
Best Practices Corner
Best Practices Corner
Best Practices Corner
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