District 109 Conference Online – 1 DAY TO GO!

We made it! Our annual conference is just one more night to sleep away.We will kick it off with a D109 Candidate Showcase on Thursday, the 14th of May, starting at 19.00 CEST.The big conference itself with all its beauty of keynote speeches, webinars contests and online gala dinner starts on Friday, the 15th of [...]


District 109 prouldy presents the nominations for District Officers for the TM year 2020/20221 as presented by the District Leadership Committee (DLC). You can download a comprehensive summary here. In this report nominees are presented for the elected District Leadership positions; District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Public Relations Manager and [...]

Online Contests in District 109

Given the current situation in Europe due to the Coronavirus some Areas and Divisions may not be able to run their Area and Division contest as they are normally run. Toastmasters International has given District 109 a special permission to run contests online and has provided guidelines to do so. Contact your Area or Division [...]

District 109 & Coronavirus

We are Toastmasters and we will not be stopped by anything, not even by the Coronavirus! Has your club decided not to hold in-person meeting due to health concerns? Do you know that clubs in Europe have been authorized by Toastmasters International to hold online meetings during this special period (see message)? Do you know [...]

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