Join Club Growth Director’s Team

Join Club Growth Director’s Team – The incoming CGD, Marques Aires, is seeking your support to join his CGD team.

This is a unique chance for you to actively engage in the process of supporting and nurturing existing clubs within our district. You’ll have the opportunity to work with division and area directors, assisting them in their endeavors to establish new clubs. This collaborative effort will allow you to grow both personally and professionally, as you’ll gain valuable experience in the field of club management and development. By joining this effort, you’ll have the chance to dive deep into the beautiful world of supporting and growing clubs while contributing to the community’s betterment.

The incoming CGD is thinking big, BIG, B.I.G. (Best In (TMs) Galaxy)! 96.000.000 potential Toastmasters in our District to approach.

Are you ready? Yes? May the power of early be with you and guide you to reach out to the incoming CGD for more information: