“Tips on thriving clubs, but as quick as espresso.”

Once or twice a month you are invited to Growth Café, a Zoom get-together over coffee, with our District 109 Club Growth Director and her team of coffee-drinking Toastmasters. 

Our motto is: “Give us tips on thriving clubs, but make it as short as an espresso!” and we are thinking of friends and fellow Toastmasters who want to grow their clubs, so they want to get something they can use, fast!

Our coffee get-togethers start with a warm-up discussion, while the espresso machine is heating up. Our coffee culture is one of openness to asking questions for our clubs’ success and receiving beans of knowledge from our Club Growth Director. 

Coffee is served on the dot, with our guest speaker, a veteran Toastmaster who gives us the inside scoop on club growth tools, tips, and how-tos, in a “Lightning Talk” (10 min), then answers your questions, all within half an hour.


If you are on Facebook, be among the first who book the best seats in our next Growth Café, by liking the page and signing up for our next get-together.