There are some important and essential characteristics mentors need to possess if they are to be effective. A good mentor is:

  • Available. You must have time to spend with a member – at least 15 minutes or more each

    week to help with speeches and answer questions. New members may require additional

    time until they become more familiar with the club and their role within it.

  • Patient. People learn at varying speeds, and some need more guidance than others.

    You should be willing to provide whatever it takes to help the mentee.

  • Sensitive. Tact and diplomacy are vital. As a mentor, always be careful to say and do things

    that will motivate and encourage the mentee. Be loyal and take care not to betray the

    mentees’ confidences.

  • Respectful. Everyone is different. A mentor respects the differences between himself,

    the mentee, and others.

  • Flexible. Not everything happens according to plan. You must adapt to various situations and

    accept that mentees may make decisions you do not agree with.

  • Supportive. Show your pride in your club and what it has done – and can do – for members.

  • Knowledgeable. Before you can help someone else, you must be familiar with the club, its

    operations, the educational program, and even the Toastmasters International organization

    itself. You should have completed several manual speeches, served in most meeting roles,

    and developed enough personal speaking skills to be of help to the mentee.

  • Confident. You need to be self-assured and friendly.

  • A good listener. A mentor must listen carefully. Simply listening without taking on the other

    person’s problem, can be of great help to the mentee. Just by listening, you can enable the

    mentee to articulate the problem and sort things out.

  • Concern for others. You must genuinely care about other people and truly want to help them.

For more detailed information use the Toastmasters Mentoring Guide

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