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Spring District Conference, Genoa 2019

Genoa from May 17th to 19th, 2019On a long spring weekend, colors and voices will arouse our senses: Toastmasters from South Central and Eastern Europe will get together and celebrate 3 days of excellence in public speaking!Let’s join the most outstanding event our newborn District 109 has ever experienced!Excellence in workshops, personal growth, professional development [...]

Smedley Award Report, as of 30th September 2018

Congratulations to all of you for growing your membership roster during August & September 2018! And warm congratulations to our Smedley Award winners! To our winner Club Presidents and their Area/Division Directors, please remember that: A Ribbon for your Banner is on its way from TI! You receive a 10% discount code for purchasing items [...]

2019/2020 is your Chance: Speak up! Lead! Grow!

Did you hear about Toastmasters who are such great team leaders that members want to work with them? Did you hear about Toastmasters who got promoted in their career? You have another opportunity to combine training your speaking and leadership skills! Experience the trainings as a District officer that are beneficial for your role [...]

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