Speak up! Lead! Grow!

Speak up! Lead! Grow! – Have you heard about Toastmasters, who are such great team leaders that members want to work with them? Did you hear about Toastmasters who got promoted in their career?

You have another opportunity to combine training your speaking and leadership skills!
Experience the training as a district officer that is beneficial to your role and your private life. Support your clubs and divisions with feedback, and let them grow with your knowledge!
Have you always wanted a change? This is your time to make your vision come true and apply for a District officer role.

For the beginning of the next term on 1 July 2019, District 109 is looking for

  • 1 District Director
  • 1 Program Quality Director
  • 1 Club Growth Director
  • 6 Division Directors
  • 23 Area Directors
  • 1 Public Relations Manager
  • 1 Finance Manager
  • 1 Administration Manager

Get information about the nominating process Protocol 9.0

These leadership roles are important to serve our members at their best and will boost your leadership and communication skills, and you will grow personally. In just one year, you will have multiple great experiences.

If you want to take up the challenge yourself, please check this information on District Leaders first:

Speak up! Lead! Grow! – It is an excellent opportunity to learn. If you have doubts about your competencies – ask other members to give you feedback – you might wonder what others see in you! Please remember it is also a learning path for you, and many experienced Toastmasters and the district team support you on your way.

To apply, please send both documents to dlc.chair@district109.org.
You can also send a nomination form for someone you want to nominate.

If you know members in your Division or Area who want to take the next step in the leadership track and are qualified to do the work, please tell them about the options, forward this information, and encourage them to apply.

Deadline for all applications: 15 December

Ulrike Laubner
District Leadership Community Chair 2019-2020
Email: ulrike4toastmasters@gmail.com