Spring District Conference, Genoa 2019

Spring District Conference, Genoa 2019 – Genoa from May 17th to 19th, 2019

On a long spring weekend, colors and voices will arouse our senses: Toastmasters from South Central and Eastern Europe will get together and celebrate three days of excellence in public speaking!

Let’s join the most outstanding event our newborn District 109 has ever experienced!

Excellence in workshops, personal growth, professional development, and first-class English, German, French, and Italian contests will demonstrate our members’ unique attributes.

The diversity that unites us and guides us towards excellence will be celebrated. Every participant will feel welcomed, happy, entertained, inspired, and proud of being part of District 109: a network of experienced communicators and passionate leaders!

Regular tickets will be on sale from January 1 st, 2019, but starting NOW, you can register to get your chance to be selected as one of the free participants!

If you’re lucky, you will join the District 109 Spring Conference without buying tickets!

Take part in the #JoinTheJourney RAFFLE!
You may win one of the ten free tickets available!

  1. Register at this link by December 24th (no payment needed)
  2. The draw will take place on January 1 st, 2019
  3. The ten winners will be notified via email and shall collect their tickets by January 15th, 2019

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#JoinTheJourney – Together, Beyond!

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