District 109 Toastmasters Leaderships Institute TLI and Club Officer Training COT #2 January – February 2023

From mid January to the end of February 2023, District 109 is offering a variety of training opportunities. Any Toastmasters and non-toastmasters are welcome to participate. Club Officers can fulfil the attendance requirement for the 2nd Club Officer Training (COT#2) by attending three (3) sessions

Participation Guide

  1. All educational Sessions are opened to all Toastmasters in District 109. Non-Toastmasters are welcome to join.

  2. Club officers can fulfill the officer training attendance credit (COT#2) by joining any three (3) sessions of their choice.

  3. Attendance will count to all offices if you are a club officer in multiple clubs.

Please see below for more information on each session. The video recording and materials, if any, of the completed sessions will be made available in the bottom section of this page.