Helping individuals find their voice

We empower individuals through personal and professional development, through a network of localised clubs (113 clubs in 10 Countries). Each club features a unique culture, so there’s no pressure to join the first club you visit. Attending club meetings as a guest is free, so visit as many as you like until you find a club that fits your personality.

Toastmasters International has grown, to an organisation of over 16.200 clubs, all empowering individuals to find their voice and become inspiring leaders.

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Toastmasters’ Benefit


Week on week, learn new skills and how to communicate with confidence.


Share your life experiences and build life-changing friendships and connections.


Develop your leadership skills and learn how to motivate.


Explore your creative side, and storytelling, while also improving your vocabulary.


Find your voice and shape your future, learn how to speak with confidence.


Achieve the skills to speak with power and persuasion and gain a competitive advantage.


Expand your knowledge in a safe and friendly environment, and improve your self-esteem.


Focus on self-development and obtain skills for life.