District Elections 2021/2022

Elections for District 109 2021/2022 Officers will be held on at the Spring Virtual Conference in Chania, Crete. The officers are elected for the term starting July 1 of that year until June 30 of the following year.

District Officer Role Descriptions

Would you like to know more about the District Officer Roles? Take a look at the videos linked below, or speak to your District Leadership Committee representative.

Area Director: https://youtu.be/KI22XouEovI

Division Director: https://youtu.be/KPZXQeAfnZY

The District 109 Nominees for 2021/2022:

Please note that the District Leadership Committee (DLC) has evaluated all candidates for District elected positions and nominates the candidates in the table below for 2021/2022:



District Director

Lilian Shaftacola

Program Quality Director

Emilia Fossati

Club Growth Director

Beatrice Anton

Turan Tanin

Public Relations Manager

Paola Perina
Division Director for Division A


Fatima Carbonara

Roberto Germani

Division Director for Division B

Hristo Stoev

Bill Vardas

Division Director for Division C

Pierre-Yves Schuetz

Division Director for Division D

Mario Plasencia

Division Director for Division E

Frank Kaiser

Division Director for Division F

Guenter Herold

In the DLC report you can find:
  • the names of the members part of the committee
  • the message of the DLC Chair DTM Metaxia Kritsidima
  • the nominated members for elected positions
  • the recommended members for Area Director roles