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Workshop with Morag Mathieson

The First Vice President of Toastmasters international “Morag Mathieson” is the Guest Speaker for Division H: Public Speaking Workshop.

I love it when I have the opportunity to meet people who inspire me and people who I can inspire at the same time so that we all grow together in the process. I have been blessed with opportunities to do this as I connect with members across our organization. Particularly as Second Vice President, I was honored to visit members and leaders in over 20 Districts worldwide and was heartened to see shoots of hope emerging from the seeds we are sowing: innovative approaches, members connecting and supporting each other, new skills, and new leaders emerging in a spirit of global collaboration.

During the lockdown, I gathered a team to create a new club focusing on communication and leadership skills needed in an online world. It was a joy to welcome new members to our organization and rekindle friendships. We were working together and creating opportunities for people to grow and develop our part of the magic of Toastmasters!

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