Your Pathway Your story EP2

“Step 2: You chose your path. What’s next?”

Your Pathway Your story EP2 – Each Pathway path starts with the Icebreaker speech.
This is a unique opportunity to showcase your personality and interests to your home club, another club, and even individuals outside Toastmasters. You can choose any topic that resonates with you, whether a personal story or one related to your work life. The key to success, however, is to remain authentic. Don’t attempt to portray yourself as someone you’re not or fabricate details of your story. Your audience will easily detect such insincerity, which can lead to a loss of trust. Stay true to yourself, and your audience will appreciate your honesty and authenticity.

Hey there! When you first joined your club, how did you go about introducing yourself to everyone? Also, I’m curious to know – what were some of the challenges you faced while giving your Icebreaker speech? Let’s chat!

Please share your story with us at We’d love to share your story with other Toastmasters as a source of motivation and inspiration. But of course, we totally understand if you’d rather keep things private. Just let us know what you’re comfortable with, and we’ll make sure to respect your wishes!

Stay tuned for step 3.