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District Visitor Trophy 2019/2020 explained

    • The Visitor Trophy is an initiative within District 109 in order to increase the exchange and networking among Toastmasters Club members.
    • Each of the 6 divisions has one trophy that travels from club to club.
    • If you grab a division trophy, you get 3 points for your club.
    • You can get points even if you don’t grab a division trophy. For each visit of another club, your club gets one VT point (regardless of how many members of your club visit the other club).
    • To be fair with clubs without close neighboring clubs, you get 2 VT points (with division trophy 4 points) if the visited club is > 50 KM away (straight line between clubs) and 3 VT points (with division trophy 5 points) if the distance is > 100 KM.
    • No VT points can be gained if you visit other clubs for contests or if the same member visits the same club several times a year.
    • VT points will be added to the ranking table if you post a picture with you, the president of the visited club and the club banner on the Facebook Toastmasters International District 109 Members Group with the tag ‘Visitor Trophy’, see example of Facebook post below.

    • Where the division trophies are located and for the current ranking, refer to the tables below.
    • The Toastmasters Club with the most VT Points will be honored at the District Conference 2020.
    • The current challenge starts a the District Conference 2019 in Genova and ends on the Friday of District Conference 2020.

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Current location of the Division Trophies

VTR from DivisionCurrent ClubNote
AThe Milliners, Milan
BGlyfada Toastmasters Club, Glyfada
CToastmasters of Basel, Basel
DGeneva Speak to Lead, Geneva
EZuriberg Toastmasters, Zurich
FToastmasters Rhetorik Club, Innsbruck

Visitor Trophy Ranking Table (2019/2020)

RankingClub NamePoints

Last Update Ranking: 17th of May 2019

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