Start a New Club

Start a New Club

You have decided to create a Toastmasters Club! Now what?

The process to form a Toastmasters group is simple – all of the materials are provided for you. Local leaders in Toastmasters will guide you through the entire process and help you setting up a demonstration meeting. To charter a club, you’ll need a minimum of twenty members who want to improve their communication and leadership skills.


  • One-time chartering fee to organize a club: $125

  • New member fee, which includes materials per person: $20

  • Six months’ membership dues per person: $45

    Note: New member fee and the six months’ membership due might vary from country to country.

To be contacted about starting a club, write to our Club Growth Director:

Chartering Process

This PDFs are editable, as so, I advise to fill directly all the information you can in order to avoid any misunderstood regarding handwriting.

You can check the club number here.


Charter Forms Checklist.pdf – A document to help you to check if everything is already filled.

Form 1Application to Organize a Toastmasters Club.pdf – This is the comprehensive application to submit the request for a chartering Toastmasters club.

Form 2Charter Payments.pdf – This is the only document where you need to include the payment method and consider the charter and membership fees. Club President and Club Secretary need to sign the document, along with the person responsible for the credit card.

Form 3Charter Member Application.pdf – The PDF you need to fill for each member and signed by them and a club officer, You don’t need to fill the dues and fee section and also the Payment Information as this is a Charter and all the necessary information will be filled in Form 2 – Charter Payments.pdf.

Form 4Charter Club Officer Information.pdf – Document with information about the 7 persons who will have the officers roles during 1 year or half year mandate.

Form 5Club Information.pdf – Additional information regarding the club to be included in Toastmasters International records. Needs to be signed by a club officer, preferentially the President.

Form 6aClub Constitution for Clubs of Toastmasters International.pdf – Club Constitution. The club needs to fill pages 1, 7, 8. Club President needs to sign page 1 and Club Secretary needs to sign pages 1 and 8.

Form 6bAddendum of Standard Club Options – complete this Addendum of Standard Club Options to specify the detailed choices it has made to govern its operations.

Members_List.xlsx – Excel file with all members information to facilitate the validation process by our Colleagues in the US

Clubs chartering in September or March (the last months of the dues renewals periods) may wish to submit membership dues amounting to $52.50 USD per person. The extra $7.50 USD per person will be used to pay the prorated renewal dues. By doing this, your club will not have to collect dues from each member twice in two months. Please note: All payments must be in U.S. dollars

All documents should be scanned and sent to

If you are an enthusiastic Toastmasters and will to open a new club, have a look at the video: