Our History

District 109 is relatively joung! The History began in 2018, 1st July …


The District 59 was splitted into three different Districts D59, D107, D109

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together…” (Marlin Monroe)

The countries of future District 109 would be Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, San Marino Republic, Switzerland, Vatican City.

During the first year, the District 109 achieved the Smedley Distinguished Award.

The designation of Smedley Distinguished District is the highest level of recognition a district can achieve.

A better structure of the District was founded in a diverse distribution of Countries, with New Names to the Divisions:

Division G changed in Division A (Italy) & Division B (Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria)

Division I changed in Division C (Switzerland)

Division J changed in Division D (Switzerland)

Division E changed in Division E (Switzerland)

Austria changed in Division F (Austria)

2019 – 2020

We will pursue with passion the District Mission of building new clubs and supporting all clubs in achieving excellence!

Let us work together to make our journey an unforgettable learning experience!

District 109 will continue to Trust, Thrive, Together (District Motto 2020) raising up till 2500 members!


The Diversity of cultures, languages and people is the strenght of our District 109.

In 2021 the District 109 grown up to 14 Countries including 4 new great opportunities of Inclusiveness. Welcome to Malta, Israel, Slovenia and Türkiye.

Division A (Italy, Malta, San Marino Republic, Vatican City)

Division B (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Israel)

Division C, D, E (Switzerland)

Division F (Austria, Slovenia)

Division G (Greece)

Division H (Türkiye)


Today we celebrate together as we continue our journey in the wonderful world of Toastmasters. We have the privilege of being an amazing district. Spanning over two continents with multiple time zones we bring together different countries, languages, cultures, alphabets, food, music. Anything you can think of, we have multiple versions of it.

So, what do we all have in common?
Our passion!

Our motto this year is:

Passion beyond borders (Turan Tanin, District 109 Director)

Happy 98th Birthday to Toastmasters International!

22 October 2022

Few words and a light bulb turns on, an idea you can turn into something wonderful: thank you Fatima!

I’ve been part of TM since … (Fatima Carbonara)