Ongoing HPL Project

Ongoing HPL projects – High-Performance Leadership (HPL) is a project required to earn the Advanced Leader Silver award in Toastmasters. To complete the project, you must choose an idea for a group or project, either from Toastmasters or a non-Toastmasters group, and lead a team to finish it. The concept can be your own, from a club or district officer, from a community group, or related to your business or profession, as long as a Toastmaster is on your committee. You can start working on your HPL project whenever you’re ready. Still, you must complete all requirements for the Advanced Leader Silver award, including earning the Leadership Excellence certificate from Toastmasters International, by June 30th. Some Pathways have an HPL project as required, while others offer it as an optional elective. You will need to meet with your guidance committee several times, whether in person, through a phone call, or via video conference. Plan to ensure that you meet the required number of meetings. After completing your traditional HPL, you will receive the Leadership Excellence certificate from Toastmasters International. You can recognize the people on your guidance and action committees meaningfully.
Ongoing HPL projects

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