Reimbursement of Expenses

D109 Officers can request reimbursement of expenses using Concur.
If you are not a District Officer, please contact your Area or Division Director.
To speed up processing:
  • Please submit expenses as soon as possible and always within 60 days of incurring the expense and by July 31 for expenses incurred in June. Expenses are incurred when you consume a resource (e.g. the period of venue/room rental, the date of purchasing a product or receiving a service).
  • Please attach
    1) readable photo or PDF of the relevant receipts/invoices,
    2) a copy of pre-approval emails where required and
    3) readable photo or PDF of any other relevant documentation proving the expense incurment (e.g. Club Visit Report, Meeting Agenda for Open Houses, Demo Meetings, Contests, Trainings, Club Coach Visits, etc). On the receipt/invoice, please note the items that are included in your expense claim.
  • If your claim involves calculations or bundling, please include clear explanations in the Comment field.
  • In each expense claim, please include only items of the same nature for the same event (e.g. bundle receipts for refreshments for a COT separately from the invoice for the room rental for the same COT).
  • Please be aware of the following official Toastmasters International Policies and Protocols: