Club Officer Training (COT)

Each year Area Directors conduct the District sponsored Club Officer Training (COT) twice:
  • first round May-August and
  • second round December-February.

Club Officer Training Standards

For more details please access Toastmasters International Club Officer Training resources page and read document Training Club Leaders (item 217)

First Round Club Officer Training

This first round is dedicated training new officers for their roles – to introduce them to their responsibilities. Nevertheless, a lot of officers repeat or stay quite some while on the executive board. Make training for them worthwhile as well in getting them to present an educational session.

Use the TMI materials as official presentation. It has been a good solution to providing this information interactively rather than as a lecture.

Club Officer Training variant

Rob Cockburn, DTM as experienced Toastmaster created a module for successful officer training. He developed this module to save time and energy:

“This is not a TM brainwash or mindless theoretical explanation, it is a very real approach to why and then what to do. Nor is it pushing “American / German/ Someone else’s / methods. It gets the clubs to set their own goals and then decide how to achieve them. It’s big advantages are: there is a maximum one power point slide, it gets people thinking about: what they are there for (why bother having a club executive?), what do you really what to do, and how to accomplish it. The executive then sees

  • what they should do to have a great club
  • that the DCP is not the reason for their existence but a valuable measuring tool to see if they are achieving their goals

Be sure that the presenters takes some time of preparation beforehand, reading the Trainer notes and thinking about what one actually does to have a successful club.Rob has always got great feed back on this method and even better, great successes from the clubs”.

Ellen Hermens, DTM (Lieutenant-Governor E&T 2008/09): I consider Rob´s approach as an excellent example. I always conducted very interactive officer trainings as the attendees remember better what they learned by experience than by lecture.

Second Round of Club Officer Training

For the second round of COT you have usually officers who got to know their responsibilities and might have encountered some obstacles or learned what is most effective. Please provide enough time to discuss their experiences. All officers have now worked for half a year in their role and might see some things differently.

The officer trainings should have a duration of 4 hours and should include:

  • Review (exchanging/discussing experiences – make it a project from the advanced manual “Discussion Facilitator”)
  • DCP status – where is the club in the Distinguished Club Program and the Club Success Plan (50% or further? If not – what can they do to achieve it?)
  • Calendar of important dates – Dues are due March 31st, Proxies for the convention, Club Contests, Area Conference, Division Conference and District Conference
  • Successors  – now is the time to nominate your successors
  • Educational session – in a topic which is useful for the Club officers (delegate that to experienced officers to have them attend and share their valuable experience).

And remember in all your trainings: provide and have FUN!