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District Leaders 

District Board 2018-2019 (or Core Team)

At the Spring District Conference on May 2018, following leaders were elected.
The executive committee will be active from July 1 2018 until June 30 2019.

Francesco Fedele – DTM
Francesco Fedele – DTMDistrict Director D109
Metaxia Kritsidima - DTM
Metaxia Kritsidima - DTMProgram Quality Director D109
Nina Carrasco - DTM
Nina Carrasco - DTMClub Growth Director D109
Markus Rieder - ACB, ALB
Markus Rieder - ACB, ALBPublic Relations Manager D109
Dimitrios Diamantopoulos - DTM
Dimitrios Diamantopoulos - DTMFinance Manager D109
Lilian Shaftacola - DTM
Lilian Shaftacola - DTMAdministration Manager

Division A

First NameLast NamePositionArea
LorenzoGiosDivision DirectorDivision A
OrlandoSelenuArea DirectorArea A1
FatimaCarbonaraArea DirectorArea A2
RobertoGermaniArea DirectorArea A3
KatiaBurdetArea DirectorArea A4
AntonioTartagliaArea DirectorArea A5

Division B

First NameLast NamePositionArea
AndreasHadjisofocleousDivision DirectorDivision B
AngelosLeventisArea DirectorArea B1
TheodorosTrachanidisArea DirectorArea B2
AleenAndreouArea DirectorArea B3
SinishaVeselinovichArea DirectorArea B4

Division C

First NameLast NamePositionArea
LucaBertagnolioDivision DirectorDivision C
RalfDümpelmannArea DirectorArea C1
RolandKariusArea DirectorArea C2
KarlSteinkeArea DirectorArea C3

Division D

First NameLast NamePositionArea
LucaBertagnolioDivision DirectorDivision D
BeatriceAntonArea DirectorArea D1
KathrinAhrensArea DirectorArea D2
HelenFatkulbayanovaArea DirectorArea D3
KevinMcKennaArea DirectorArea D4

Division E

First NameLast NamePositionArea
AndreasGeigerDivision DirectorDivision E
GiadaSartoriArea DirectorArea E1
MarcelCattinArea DirectorArea E2
RetoWeilenmannArea DirectorArea E3
HichamAdamouArea DirectorArea E4

Division F

First NameLast NamePositionArea
DavidCorcoranDivision DirectorDivision F
ÁineNeuhausArea DirectorArea F1
LillyGundackerArea DirectorArea F2
IngeborgSchafferArea DirectorArea F3
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