District Leaders 

District Board 2018-2019 (or Core Team)

At the Spring District Conference in May 2018 in Athens, the following leaders of the first year of District 109 were elected.
The executive committee was active from July 1 2018 until June 30 2019 and led District 109 in an excellent manner to become Smedley’s Distinguished.

Thank you so much for your outstanding leadership! Together, Beyond!

Francesco Fedele – DTM
Francesco Fedele – DTMDistrict Director D109
Metaxia Kritsidima - DTM
Metaxia Kritsidima - DTMProgram Quality Director D109
Nina Carrasco - DTM
Nina Carrasco - DTMClub Growth Director D109
Markus Rieder - ACB, ALB
Markus Rieder - ACB, ALBPublic Relations Manager D109
Dimitrios Diamantopoulos - DTM
Dimitrios Diamantopoulos - DTMFinance Manager D109
Lilian Shaftacola - DTM
Lilian Shaftacola - DTMAdministration Manager