Dear Member:
Our District is looking for volunteers to create an IT group that would support the Core Team in managing the current IT infrastructure.

More in detail we are looking for:

  • IT Manager (one person), which should coordinate the entire IT staff group – management skills are the main requirement for this position, although knowledge of IT is definitely welcome
  • easy-Speak Support Specialists, to support the users of easy-Speak – a strong user/service orientation is the main requirement, and although no specific IT skills are needed for this position experience in IT user support as well as experience in the advanced use of easy-Speak would be welcome
  • IT Support Specialist(s), providing IT/technical support to the District – IT skills are mandatory for this position (note that the IT Manager could also be the IT support specialist if he/she has both set of skills)

Click here to access the details for each profile:

Amongst the IT needs that this group should support are:

  • Managing the current IT infrastructure
  • Managing the IT applications that handles the budget and the reimbursement of costs to District Officers
  • Managing easy-Speak
  • Managing the District website
  • Managing District email accounts
  • Supporting the current District presence on the various Social Channels
  • Providing hosting & support to national websites

As our IT infrastructure evolves and going into the District split to following further needs will probably emerge:

  • Development and management of a simple document management system to store minutes and additional documents from the various committees
  • Management of Databases of:
    • DEC & DC decisions
    • Projects & Volunteers
    • Proxy
    • Other
  • Manage the future split of our District in terms of IT services, trying to optimize/share the services, possibly in collaboration with District 95

The current District IT infrastructure includes:

  • the District website ( which is the main repository of information for District Officers as well as members and provides:
    • access point for District Officers to information about their role, the meetings and their minutes, the decision taken, the financial reimbursement form
    • access point to information and news about what is happening in the District for all members
    • access to a calendar for all interesting things happening in the District
    • links to all the social channels and other services offered to the clubs
  • easy-Speak – since 2006, clubs in Continental Europe have used this software tool to make the management of administrative tasks of club and district officers easier. This software is hosted on the website It fully supports the club activities and can support area, division, district conferences, as well as provides a Candidate’s Corner and a District Shop. This software installation requires regular maintenance. For example, we need to ensure that the email function has current and valid club and district officer contact information.
  • Social Channels – our District is present on:
    • Facebook, with a public group, plus specific groups for District Officers
    • YouTube, with an official channel

In the following pages you will find a detailed description of each profile, with an estimate of the workload foreseen for each position.

To apply for any of these positions please send an email to detailing your motivation to volunteer for the position and a CV or a list of the skills that you already have and that are relevant for the position. Deadline for submitting your interest for the position of easy-Speak Support Specialist is June 25th (due to the dates for the training), while for the other positions the deadline is July 5th.

In your application email please state if you are in principle willing to cover the specific role you are applying to for a period of one or more years – candidates who are willing to stay in the position for a longer time will be preferred.

For the position of easy-Speak Support Specialist a training course will be given to the selected persons. The training will be given during the period June 26th – June 30th.

As with all District positions these positions do not foresee any kind of payment for the services rendered to the District.