Open Call for District Leaders

Dear Toastmaster,

Even though we are currently within our mid-year Toastmasters’ activities, we are already looking for

next year’s leaders. This is an open call for District 109 Leadership Nominations for 2021-2022, with

commencing date for the Leadership roles from the 1st of July 2021.

Bobby Unser once said, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”.

Toastmasters International is the perfect environment for preparation and future success. Is there a safer

and more supportive environment where we can improve our leadership and communication skills?

Serving as a District Leader will allow you to receive valuable training regarding your leadership and

communication skills. It will give you the opportunity to lead teams and materialize District projects. This

is a rewarding process that also influences other members’ learning experiences. As a District Leader,

you will get the chance to meet regularly with other District leaders internationally. . Furthermore, serving

as a District Leadership role supports recognition towards becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

You are invited to present by January the 15th, 2021, midnight, your own application or to

nominate another Toastmaster Member, for the following roles:

Elected Positions

District Director (1 position)

Program Quality Director (1 position)

Club Growth Director (1 position)

Public Relations Manager (1 position)

Division Directors*:

Division A Director (1 position)

Division B Director (1 position)

Division C Director (1 position)

Division D Director (1 position)

Division E Director (1 position)

Division F Director (1 position)

Appointed Positions

Finance Manager (1 position)

Administrative Manager (1 position)

Area Directors*

Area Director in Division A – (6 positions, one for each of 6 areas)

Area Director in Division B – (4 positions, one for each of 4 areas)

Area Director in Division C – (3 positions, one for each of 3 areas)

Area Director in Division D – (4 positions, one for each of 4 areas)

Area Director in Division E – (6 positions, one for each of 6 areas)

Area Director in Division F – (3 positions, one for each of 3 areas)

*Note: Due to District 109 growth, more positions might open for Division and/or Area Directors.

How to apply?

The first step will be to fill in the application form, through which you will give us some basic details, a

mini bio and the District Leader Agreement and Release Statement for the nominated candidate.


For elected positions, the District Leadership Committee will review the application form and contact the

applicant within a week. Candidates will then be invited to answer further questions and be interviewed

by members of the District Leadership Committee. Interviews for elected positions will begin in mid January and end by mid-March.

Applications for the Administration Manger and Finance Manager positions will be reviewed by the District

Director Candidates.

Applications for Area Director positions will be called by the current Area Directors for the Area Director

Elections that will be held at the Area Councils meetings.

More information regarding the District Leadership Roles and requirements can be found Here

Further questions can be addressed to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards

Metaxia Kritsidima DTM

Chair of the District 109 Leadership Committee