Fellow members and friends of District 109,

The incoming year is starting with many challenges for our District but also with new bright opportunities.

In the last months, together we have succeeded to move online, continue our educational program and bridge geographical distances.

The virtual world has given us the opportunity to learn new skills, visit other clubs and give access to Toastmasters experience to new members in our District.

The journey ahead of us is still uncertain but we are standing on the shoulders of giants: all the members and previous leaders who made the story of our District a success.

The new District Officers who you have trusted (Core Team, Division Directors, Area Directors) will…

  • support clubs to enhance the value of Pathways and of the Toastmasters educational program
  • assist club officers in the return to in-person meetings without losing the virtual skills we have learnt
  • increase the access to the Toastmasters educational program creating new clubs and supporting membership growth.

We will pursue with passion the District Mission of building new clubs and supporting all clubs in achieving excellence!

Let us work together to make our journey this year an unforgettable learning experience!

District 109 will continue to Trust, Thrive, Together!


Lorenzo Gios
District 109 Director 2020-2021

For all our clubs in Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland.