For every 3 levels reached in Pathways, individuals that have made a tremendous effort towards progressing in Pathways will get 1 Triple Crown Award.

Click the Triple Crown pin to see the list of member awarded for 2021-22 Toastmasters year progress.

A number of districts have awarded the Triple Crown to members who achieve three education awards in a single program year, and now it can be put into practice by any district that chooses to recognize its members: D109

Other recipients of awards are listed below

New translations of Toastmasters material, especially Pathways, are coming online into many languages that have never been available before.

The translation teams who are instrumental in bringing Pathways to our members are two: discover their names clicking here

Many of us make the effort to bring friends to our meetings

who become valued members of our clubs.

There are 2 individuals we are going to recognize now for their tremendous commitment, tenacity and passion beyond borders in rekindling the Toastmasters spirit and ensuring not only the survival but also the vibrancy of Toastmasters life in their respective city in 2021 – 2022

Some individuals need to be recognized for being part of the team that organised the last District 109 conference 2022