Dear Region 10 Toastmasters, it is time to VOTE! 

What?! Did you say Region 10?

Yeah! Our District 109 is part of Region 10 (Continental Europe, UK and Ireland).

Wait a minute, I want to see a map!

Well, here it is: MAP

Οk, ok, now I understand! But what about voting? Are you sure i can vote?

Well, your voice matters and counts, but actually after you have a club meeting, your Club President & Secretary will cast a vote on your behalf, either by themselves attending the Annual Business Meeting in August or by designating a proxy-holder!

Ohh! I can’t make it to Denver this year! How can I designate a proxyholder?

We thought you’ll never ask! Here are the steps. 

ONLY if you are a PRESIDENT or SECRETARY, when you get to Club Central from Leadership Central, under “Club Administration”, you will see the option for Club Proxy:

Or you can just click here (login first): Club Proxy

After that you have 3 options:

  1. Send a Club Delegate: Someone from your club is joining the Annual Business Meeting and can hold your vote.
  2. Designate District Director: For 2019-2020 it goes directly to Metaxia Kritsidima, holding the votes you will cast.
  3. Designate Active Toastmaster: Someone you personally know and plans to go to the Annual Business Meeting in Denver. If you don’t know someone, our suggestion is to designate someone from the District Leadership Trio (DD, PQD, CGD) or the Immediate Past District Director by using their member ID:
    1. 2476597  –  Metaxia Kritsidima, District Director
    2. 3883386 –  Lorenzio Gios, Program Quality Director
    3. 3527113   –  Aires Marques, Club Growth Director
    4. 1942659  –  Francesco Fedele, Immediate Past District Director

And now: let the voting begin!

Note that the Club President or the Club Secretary can cast votes for both. Don’t forget to electronically sign using your Full Name at the end of the page and click “Confirm Votes”.

Some important Reminders (July 2019):

  • Please do take some time with your club members and officers to review the 2019 proposals and cast your vote after for Proposals A through L.
  • Deadline of submission: end of July 2019

And remember: You’ve got the power!