Boost your Management Skills with Toastmasters

“Boost Your Management Skills with Toastmasters” – Communication and management skills are vital requirements for H.R. directors today and tomorrow. If you want to skyrocket your career, Toastmasters can offer you leadership positions in various ways beyond your club. You will receive training and mentorship to lead different personalities and experience diverse cultures while improving your English skills. As a leader, you will set up visions and strategies and create action plans. You must listen to your team’s needs, recognize their efforts, and inspire and motivate them. Feedback and training will enhance your skills and confidence on this learning path.

Management skills and good communication skills are not only essential for your career but also for a healthy and happy life. We are all surrounded by a diverse community, and improving our meetings, collaboration, and relationships can make life more enjoyable. Everyone can learn these skills, and everyone has the opportunity to do so with Toastmasters” well-known support.

Find out which position is waiting for you to serve your members in 2019/2020. Application season starts soon.
Description and pre-requisites of all positions

Ulrike Laubner
District Leadership Community Chair 2019-2020

P.S.: You joined a club to be a better speaker? You won’t have more speaking opportunities than to serve as a leader beyond your club.