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The trainings offered within my area and/or division and/or district are on days or at times that do not fit into my calendar. Are there other options available?2022-09-19T17:45:59+02:00

We accept COT attendance in and area, division or district you may chose provided the attendance criteria have been met and we receive the relevant evidence from the organizers. One option are the trainings at

If two Areas conduct a joint COT, would they be eligible for using their combined budget for their purposes?2022-07-23T08:08:49+02:00

Yes, in COTs the budget is allocated per Area not per event, hence a joint session is eligible for incurring expenses from a combined budget

We are a multilingual division. Can we run part of the COT in one language and part in another?2022-07-18T12:01:36+02:00

In D109 we provide Club Officer trainings in the languages the clubs are supporting, e.g. English, German, Italian, Turkish. Areas can offer the about four hours of trainings in English only, provided all Club Officers master the language sufficiently. Otherwise, they must provide training in the supported language(s) or facilitate attendance at a reasonable time within and other Division or District.

Does attendance at the “District 3 2022 Summer On-Demand Toastmasters Leadership Institute (Open to ALL)” in July/August 2022 count as summer 2022 COT attendance?2022-07-18T17:55:19+02:00

We accept D3 TLI attendance as COT completion, provided the attendees fulfils the D3 attendance criteria we receive the relevant evidence from the organizers. Registration is at

Does the participation of an unofficial club officer (e.g. VP Mentorship) at a COT counts as DCP point?2022-07-13T13:57:46+02:00

The participation of a club officer with a role other than officially registered with Toastmasters International does not count against DCP points.

If the Immediate Past President attends the summer COT, do they count towards DCP Points?2022-07-11T20:53:34+02:00

The attendance of the IP President counts only if they are in an elected club officer role between 1 July 2022 and 31 August 2022.

Does attendance at the “The Swiss Toastmasters Leadership Institute” on Saturday 11 June 2022 count as summer 2022 COT attendance?2022-07-09T19:26:20+02:00

We are capturing Swiss TLI attendance as COT completion for every club officer who is in the role between 1 July 2022 and 31 August 2022, based on the list provided to us by the organizsers.

Last year two club officers could share attendance at a COT, meaning that each attended two different hours of a training. Is this again possible?2022-07-09T19:26:43+02:00

This year we will follow the rules stated in the “Distinguished Program and Success Plan” manual where it is specified that at least 4 club officer roles must be trained. As detailed in the “Training Club Leaders” manual, a training lasts about 4 hours.

One of our members has already followed a summer COT, but they registered only with the role they hold in tan other club. Do they have to visit another COT, so our club gets a recognized as well?2022-07-09T19:27:06+02:00

We will capture COT attendance of an individual for every club officer role they hold in every club their are registered in.

In our club, one person holds two club officer roles. If they attend one COT, will this count as two club officers trained?2022-07-09T19:27:30+02:00

The “Distinguished Program and Success Plan” manual states that at least four officer roles must be trained. Therefore, if one individual holds two (or more) roles and is so registered with Toastmatsers international, it is counting as two club officer roles trained.

What are the recommendations to conduct a successful club visit?2022-09-19T17:43:48+02:00
How could we improve the collaboration of public, corporate and university clubs within the same area?2022-09-19T17:42:42+02:00

A collaboration between very different clubs, especially if there are access restrictions, may prove to be challenging. It may make sense to identify similar clubs in other areas to collaborate with or to identify common denominators where working together is an option.

What could be a typical agenda for an area council meeting?2022-09-19T17:41:15+02:00

The area council meeting should focus on topics the clubs share, for instance the organization of COTs or are contests, changes of rules or information from Toastmasters at large and space to share successes and matters that need improvement and where help would be apprecaited.

Can the contribution of contest officials count as a Pathways assignment?2022-07-26T17:27:10+02:00

Contribution as contest officials can be recognized as follows: for Chief Judges and individual Contest Chairs the Level 4 project “Manage online meetings”, and for Contest Chairs, Area Directors, Division Directors and PQDs the Level 4 project “Manage Projects Succesfully”.

Are transfer members counted as “new members” in the DCP?2022-07-09T19:30:43+02:00
What is the difference between HPL and DTM projects?2022-09-19T17:22:10+02:00

An HPL is mandatory in some paths and an elective in others; it entails working with both and Action and a Guidance Committee. Tackling the DTM is possible after completing one path and level 3 in the second path, and upon registration with TMI. No Guidance Committee is needed.

What are examples of DTM projects?2022-09-19T17:20:59+02:00

Examples for DTM are for instance being a district chair, or taking on project like getting to work all clubs on a new platform.

What are examples of HPL within and outside Toastmasters?2022-09-19T17:20:01+02:00

The organization of a season’s contests at club level within Toastmasters or the set up of a youth club could be examples of HPL; in both cases, leading an Action Committee 3-5 indivdiuals who do the actual work and working with a Guidance Committee is a prerequisite. Dual Credits, e.g. with YLP or Speechcraft, are not permissible.

Can the participation in an HPL Guidance Committee count as a Pathways assignment?2022-09-19T17:16:30+02:00

Guidance Committee members shall contact the PQD with their details (name, member number, club, club number, Path they are working on and levels completed). A proposal will be provided within a week.

What are examples of a Toastmasters-internal and a Toastmasters-external HPL project?2022-07-17T20:23:56+02:00

Example Toastmasters-internal project: “Development and implementation of an IT environment supporting the automation of contest officials’ administrative tasks” (a running project), and exmple Toastmasters-external project e.g., “Inception of a migrants’ café, offering Internet access and socio-cultural support training”.

Are projects accepted that support local vulnerable segments of society?2022-09-19T17:22:50+02:00

D109 supports also project addressing local vulnerable segements of society as long as they are politically and religiously neutral, and inclusive.

If a Guidance Committee member has left Toastmasters during the course of an HPL project, do they have to be replaced?2022-07-17T20:22:20+02:00

Within D109, a Guidance Committee member who has left Toastmasters during the course of an HPL project, does not have to be replaced as long as they hold the values of Toastmasters in high esteem, they continue to follow the project as originally agreed upon and will continue not sharing (c) materials with non-Toastmasters parties. However, the majority of Guidance Committee members must stay within Toastmasters until the project ends. The responsible VPE need to pay attention to this issue.

Where can I get some training for using the Concur Platform?2022-07-26T18:07:05+02:00

Easy, the official TM website has a high-quality training session, which can be found at

How many Open Houses/Demo meeting are we allowed to conduct per Area and how can we fund those events?2022-07-26T18:06:25+02:00

You have a budget of 200€ per event for up to 2 events per area. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the funds should be used for 2 clubs per area. You can organize as many events as you wish, knowing that only two of these events will be financed by the district for a budget of 200 Euros per event (hybrid or in person) or up to 100 Euros for online events. The events can be either open house or demo meetings. You are free to go beyond that amount, knowing that you will need to finance the events from other sources – by the clubs themselves, by organizing paid events, by sponsorship, etc.

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