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What are the recommendations to conduct a successful club visit?2023-12-20T12:06:01+02:00
How to improve in the same area the collaboration of public, corporate and university clubs?2023-12-20T14:02:51+02:00

Improve Collaboration Clubs Same Area

Improve Collaboration Clubs Same Area: When it comes to collaborating with clubs, it’s essential to remember that differences in characteristics can pose challenges, especially when there are restrictions in place. For example, a golf club may have strict membership requirements that make collaborating with a community sports club difficult. In such cases, it might be more practical to identify clubs with similar traits that operate in different areas or to identify common factors that allow for cooperation.

When two clubs share a common goal, they can explore several ways to work together and benefit from each other’s strengths. For instance, if they both aim to promote physical fitness, they can combine their efforts to offer more comprehensive programs and attract a larger audience. This could involve organizing joint events, such as fitness challenges or workshops, where members from both clubs can participate and share their expertise.

Another option is to create joint membership packages that allow members to access the facilities and activities offered by both clubs at a discounted rate. This can help both clubs expand their reach and provide more value to their members.

In addition, collaborating on fundraising initiatives can be a great way for clubs to raise more money for their programs and initiatives. By pooling their resources and sharing the workload, they can organize more successful events and reach a wider audience.

In summary, collaborating with clubs with different characteristics can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By identifying common denominators and finding creative solutions, clubs can work together to achieve their goals and provide more opportunities for their members.Improve Collaboration Clubs Same Area

What could be a typical agenda area council meeting?2023-12-20T14:19:52+02:00

Agenda Area Council Meeting

Agenda Area Council Meeting: To ensure that the area council meeting is productive and beneficial for all participating clubs, it is important to focus on relevant topics that are common to all. These topics may include the organization of Club Officer Trainings (COTs) and contests, updates on changes in rules or regulations, and sharing important information from Toastmasters at large. Additionally, the meeting should provide a platform for clubs to share their successes and achievements, as well as to identify areas that require improvement and seek help where necessary. By addressing these issues, the area council meeting can become a forum for constructive discussion and collaboration among clubs in the area. agenda area council meeting

Are transfer members counted as “new members” in the DCP?2022-07-09T19:30:43+02:00
Where can I get some training for using the Concur Platform?2022-07-26T18:07:05+02:00

Easy, the official TM website has a high-quality training session, which can be found at

How many Open Houses/Demo meeting are we allowed to conduct per Area and how can we fund those events?2022-07-26T18:06:25+02:00

You have a budget of 200€ per event for up to 2 events per area. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the funds should be used for 2 clubs per area. You can organize as many events as you wish, knowing that only two of these events will be financed by the district for a budget of 200 Euros per event (hybrid or in person) or up to 100 Euros for online events. The events can be either open house or demo meetings. You are free to go beyond that amount, knowing that you will need to finance the events from other sources – by the clubs themselves, by organizing paid events, by sponsorship, etc.

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