Annual Awards:

Every year, District 109 recognizes Toastmasters members who have contributed through dedication and exceptional service with annual awards.

This form contains a suggested checklist system that the District may use in selecting an Area Director of the Year, Division Director of the Year and a District Toastmaster of the Year.

  • District Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year: This is typically awarded to a Toastmaster who is not a top District Officer, Division Director, or Area Director but contributes to the District’s goals and mission.

  • Area Director of the Year: This award recognizes an Area Director whose dedication, commitment, and area team significantly contributed towards achieving the district mission. The nomination form gives you an idea of what Toastmasters expects from a good Area Director. Nevertheless, sometimes it´s not only the statistical performance that makes the difference and adds to the District´s success.

  • Division Director of the Year: Given annually to the Division Directorwith the most outstanding performance in membership building and retention, club extension, education/training, leadership, and other areas critical to district success.

Recent recipients of awards are listed below.

Toastmaster of the Year

2018/19Giovanna & Alfred MeyersItaly
2019/20Carina ScheySwitzerland
2020/21Keith SheldrakeItaly
2021/22Sydne SacconeSwitzerland
2022/23Berit DahlSwitzerland

Consistent Toastmaster of the Year

2021/22Andreas Geiger DTM Switzerland
2022/23Keith SheldrakeItaly

Enthusiastic Toastmaster of the Year

2021/22Lino SbracciaSan Marino

Area Director of the Year

2018/19Lilly GundackerAustria
2019/20Günther HaroldAustria
2020/21Margherita Brodbeck RothSwitzerland
2021/22Brigita TomasSlovenia
2022/23Edgar Louis ImhofSwitzerland

Area Director “Progress Award” of the Year

2021/22Lyubomir LalevBulgaria
2022/23Gloria Teo
Marika Dubiel

Division Director of the Year

2018/19David CorcoranAustria
2019/20Katia BurdetItaly
2020/21Turan TaninItaly
2021/22Meltem AltinayTurkey
2022/23Elena GrammenouGreece