Annual Awards:

Every year, District 109 recognizes Toastmasters members who have contributed through dedication and exceptional service with annual awards.

This form contains a suggested checklist system that the District may use in selecting an Area Director of the Year, Division Director of the Year and a District Toastmaster of the Year.

  • District Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year: This is typically awarded to a Toastmaster who is not a top District Officer, Division Director, or Area Director but contributes to the District’s goals and mission.

  • Area Director of the Year: This award recognizes an Area Directorwhose dedication, commitment, and area team significantly contributed towards achieving the district mission. The nomination form gives you an idea of what Toastmasters expects from a good Area Director. Nevertheless, sometimes it´s not only the statistical performance that makes the difference and adds to the District´s success.

  • Division Director of the Year: Given annually to the Division Directorwith the most outstanding performance in membership building and retention, club extension, education/training, leadership, and other areas critical to district success.

Recent recipients of awards are listed below.

Toastmaster of the Year

2018/19Giovanna & Alfred MeyersItaly
2019/20Carina ScheySwitzerland
2020/21Keith SheldrakeItaly
2021/22Sydne SacconeSwitzerland

Consistent Toastmaster of the Year

2021/22Andreas Geiger DTM Switzerland

Enthusiastic Toastmaster of the Year

2021/22Lino SbracciaSan Marino

Area Director of the Year

2018/19Lilly GundackerAustria
2019/20Günther HaroldAustria
2020/21Margherita Brodbeck RothSwitzerland
2021/22Brigita TomasSlovenia

Area Director “Progress Award” of the Year

2021/22Lyubomir LalevBulgaria

Division Director of the Year

2018/19David CorcoranAustria
2019/20Katia BurdetItaly
2020/21Turan TaninItaly
2021/22Meltem AltinayTurkey