Congratulations to all of you for honoring the deadlines in administration of dues March 2019!

And warm congratulations to our 20/20 D109 Challenge winners!

To our winner Club Presidents and their Area/Division Directors, please remember that:

  • From D-109 you receive an incentive of €20 reimbursed for your expenses in:
    1. order in TI shop (material, ribbons, pins, manuals, etc)
    2. any special event that your club holds
    3. refreshments for club special meeting

Please Club Presidents, the 20 € voucher should be SPENT and reported in our District 109 reimbursement system before June 15th, plan accordingly with
your ADs before then!

Please AD, on behalf of your clubs, submit these expenses in Concur with the subject line “Reimbursement 20/20 Award”.